Zalando Fulfillment Solutions
Next Steps to Help Brands Win Online

Shipping numerous products quickly and accurately can sometimes be a challenge. With this in mind, Zalando Fulfillment Solutions expanded its services for partners in 2017.

More than10partners are already
using the service.

Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) offers logistics services for partners in the Zalando Partner Program, taking over responsibility for the entire customer facing logistics chain for products that are sold within our Fashion Store. “The benefit for partners is that they can concentrate on their actual business, namely selling and marketing their products”, explains Jan Bartels, VP Customer Fulfillment and Logistics. More than ten partners are already using the service. For example, the Danish fashion group “Bestseller”, one of Northern Europe’s biggest clothing manufacturers with brands like Only, Jack&Jones, Vila, entrusted its logistics processes to Zalando in 2017.


ZFS currently delivers goods to a total of five markets: the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, France and Germany. The service follows a modular principle, meaning our partners can choose the support components that fit their requirements best. With our basic model, partner products are stored at our fulfillment centers. Zalando takes care of the rest, from order processing, packaging and dispatch through to returns.

Since 2017, this basic approach has been supplemented by our fast replenishment model, under which Zalando supports partners with an algorithm to forecast the sales figures while leaving them fully in control of their orders. Based on that we recommend how many items should be replenished regularly to fulfill customer orders in time. Products are added to the fulfillment center accordingly, thereby allowing our partners to respond quickly and flexibly to customer demand.

As an exclusive feature, this modular system means Zalando Fulfillment Solutions is even more flexible and more precisely tailored to our partners’ requirements.“


After the choice for a service model has been made, brands can determine which markets should be served by ZFS, if they want to cover a market by themselves or if Zalando should take over. “As an exclusive feature, this modular system means Zalando Fulfillment Solutions is even more flexible and more precisely tailored to our partners’ requirements”, says Bartels.

Efficiency is another important feature of Zalando’s logistics. The high volume of deliveries allows us to bundle trips for maximum economic efficiency. No miles are driven without good cause. And this is good news for the environment, too. Efficient logistics help to reduce CO2 emissions and are an important element of our climate protection efforts.

We offer our brands an international logistics network and established expertise. This allows us to assist brands in applying our high service standards and scaling their business more rapidly in Europe. They no longer have to send individual packages to their customers. Instead, they simply supply us with a truckload of products and we take care of the rest. Bottomline, this is a lot more efficient for everyone involved.

Parcel-sharing enables us to provide the customer with more convenient delivery services. The extension of product availability further means we can give our customers a broader product range.

In the past, companies asked us if we could make our delivery conditions easier because they were struggling to meet them, thereby preventing them from becoming a Zalando partner. However, our focus is on our customers – if anything, we want to reduce delivery times and increase the level of service provided. We therefore designed Zalando Fulfillment Solutions as a solution for our partners, giving them the opportunity to fully outsource the logistics challenges involved in online retail.