Corporate Responsibility

Our purpose “Reimage fashion for the good of all” expresses our ambition to tackle the specific challenges that our industry is facing. These challenges include a lack of transparency in increasingly complex value chains and related risks for people and the environment. As a company, we want to do our bit for a more sustainable fashion industry by providing a contribution beyond our own business. We believe that our contribution is most effective if we combine our strengths in technology, fashion, and logistics and actively engage our customers, partners and employees.

Over the past year we took our sustainability strategy (do.STRATEGY) a significant step forward and developed sub-strategies including targets that we want to implement and achieve until 2020.

In our Corporate Responsibility chapter of the annual report 2017 we summarize how we approach our most material topics and what steps we have taken in the past year. We want to report transparently about our journey towards a more sustainable business and we are happy to receive feedback from our stakeholders to constantly learn and improve. The contact details to give feedback to us can be found in the Corporate Responsibility section of our corporate website or at the end of the annual report 2017.