Key Figures

 Jan 1 –
Dec 31, 2017
Jan 1 –
Dec 31, 2016
Group key performance indicators   
Site visits (in millions)2,563.51,991.628.7 %
Mobile visit share (in %)70.765.65.1 pp
Active customers (in millions)23.119.916.2 %
Number of orders (in millions)90.569.230.8 %
Average orders per active customer3.93.512.6 %
Average basket size (in EUR)64.566.6–3.2 %
Adjusted marketing cost ratio (as % of revenue)7.910.3–2.4 pp
Adjusted fulfillment cost ratio (as % of revenue)25.923.22.7 pp
Results of operations   
Revenue (in EUR m)4,489.03,639.023.4 %
EBIT (in EUR m)187.6207.0–9.4 %
EBIT (as % of revenue)4.25.7–1.5 pp
Adjusted EBIT (in EUR m)215.1216.3–0.6 %
Adjusted EBIT (as % of revenue)4.85.9–1.2 pp
EBITDA (in EUR m)246.4255.3–3.5 %
EBITDA (as % of revenue)5.57.0–1.5 pp
Adjusted EBITDA (in EUR m)273.8264.53.5 %
Adjusted EBITDA (as % of revenue)6.17.3–1.2 pp
Financial position   
Net working capital (in EUR m)–62.4–127.6–51.1 %
Equity ratio (as % of balance sheet total)51.655.5–3.8 pp
Cash flow from operating activities (in EUR m)193.7275.8–29.8 %
Cash flow from investing activities (in EUR m)–88.3–277.1–68.1 %
Free cash flow (in EUR m)–85.063.7<–100.0 %
Capex (in EUR m)–243.9–181.734.2 %
Cash and cash equivalents (in EUR m)1,065.5972.69.6 %
Employees (as of the reporting date)15,09111,99825.8 %
Basic earnings per share (in EUR)0.420.49–14.3 %

pp = percentage points