Statement Relating to the Future

This annual report contains statements that relate to the future and are based on assumptions and estimates made by the management of ZALANDO SE. Even if the management is of the opinion that these assumptions and estimates are appropriate, the actual development and the actual future results may vary from these assumptions and estimates as a result of a variety of factors. These factors include, for example, changes to the overall economic environment, the statutory and regulatory conditions in Germany and the EU and changes in the industry. ZALANDO SE makes no guarantee and accepts no liability for future development and the actual results achieved in the future matching the assumptions and estimates stated in this annual report. It is neither the intention of ZALANDO SE nor does ZALANDO SE accept a special obligation to update statements related to the future in order to align them with events or developments that take place after this report is published.

The annual report is available in English. If there are variances, the German version has priority over the English translation. It is available for download in both languages at