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for Logistics

Logistics plays a crucial role in retail. According to studies, four of the top eleven reasons for customers buying from a specific online store have to do with logistics. An efficient logistics network forms the foundation for successful e-commerce. With Fulfillment by Zalando, we are opening up our logistics infrastructure for brand partners and process orders from the fashion store for them. It requires sophisticated technical and operating processes – and a flexible partner to test things out. The service is now slated for successive expansion to all countries.


The following video provides a 360°-view of different stations at our fulfillment center in Erfurt.


EVITA offers quality craftsmanship from Italy – and has been selling its handmade shoes successfully on Zalando for a couple of years now. But doing business on a European scale presented the successful shoe brand of the fashion company brandamoda with a number of challenges. International shipping usually is only worth the time and expense if you ship a high volume of goods, and service promises need to be kept.

As a result, EVITA’s products were the perfect prototype for Fulfillment by Zalando – and the company was up for joining the test run. The partnership was successful for all, said Stephan Keck, founder and CEO of brandamoda, “Thanks to a great team with forward-looking concepts and flexible solutions, it’s a lot of fun to create and perfect these new possibilities together.”



Customers receive one delivery per order and only have to send back one package if they want to return something. This also makes planning deliveries more efficient and means that they get to the customer faster.


We expand our business model and take another step in our journey from being an online retailer to being a fashion platform. Efficiency gains in logistics can be passed on to customers and partners, ultimately increasing the attractiveness of the entire platform.


Brand partners save money and can focus on their core business: Fashion. Fulfillment by Zalando opens the door to new sales markets and substantial growth in revenue, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. It also makes it possible to add items that would previously have been unprofitable due to the low value of the merchandise.


Finally, Fulfillment by Zalando makes it possible to send fewer parcels through a central logistics network, saving costs and benefiting the environment.