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IVO SCHERKAMP Zalon embodies personalization
at it’s best. Our curated
shopping service is now even
more customer-oriented and
geared towards the respective
needs of men and women.

Fashion is an expression of personality. What is the customer’s preferred style? Are they more of a businesscasual type with an eye for classic cuts? Or do they favor urban fashion?

Zalon helps our customers to find the style that underlines their personality. As well as providing outfit advice based on the customer’s wishes, Zalon is happy to bring completely new styling ideas and an expert finish to their look. The customer selects one of our stylists. They explore ideas and fashion preferences together. Based on this, the stylist selects an individual outfit box and shares it with the customer in an outfit preview via mail.

Once the customer gives the green light, the outfit box is hand-packed and shipped within just a few days.

Our stylists put themselves in the customer’s shoes. They can come up with the right look for every styling interest and every occasion. They create stylish outfits within the maternity section, advise on petite and plus-size clothing and inspire our customers with surprise boxes, including seasonal fashion items.

We Got the Looks

About 500 stylists work for Zalon in five different markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium). With more than 300,000 items from the Zalando Fashion Store at their disposal, the range of outfits they can assemble is more or less endless. Our fashion experts put together several tens of thousands of outfits per month.

This Is How Zalon Works

Tell us about
your style.

Your stylist
considers your preferences.

Try items on
for style at home.

Your perfect outfit.

A stylist is like a translator, converting the customer’s wishes and ideas into styling suggestions that are individually tailored to them. In this way, we are introducing advice – the traditional model for successful in-store retail – into the online world and enhancing it with a wide range of technical possibilities.”


Tailored to You

Zalon’s stylists specialize in finding out what customers need and want. In their interactions with customers, they noticed differences in how women and men prefer to communicate. For example, male Zalon customers prefer to keep their discussions with our stylists on the short side, and are more open to suggestions. By contrast, our female customers typically prefer to concentrate on individual details of their styling preferences and go into greater depth.

The Future of Zalon

With it’s smart combination of benefits from the online and the offline shopping world, curated shopping lifts convenience to a whole new level and this is what customers matter about most – now and in the future. We are constantly working on the Zalon service in order to expand and improve it based on our customer’s needs.

For example, we are considering scaling back our questionnaire, or even increasingly freeing ourselves from constraints such as always delivering one outfit. Some of our customers may be better positioned to inform our stylists about their preferences using short messages than by filling in a questionnaire. Our aim is not only to personalize the selection of fashion items in our boxes, but also to emphasize the personal connection between stylists and customers. Because in the end that makes Zalon a truly personalized experience. We let our customers choose how they want to get in touch and stay in touch with their personal stylist – be it via phone, email or via the Zalon app.

We are also testing a subscription function with a small number of customers. They can sign up to automatically receive a specially assembled package from Zalon every three months or every six months.

To date, the Zalon stylists have compiled more than 800,000 outfits for customers. This shows there is real enthusiasm for Zalon’s personalized service.

Entering into a dialog with customers and using personal stylists to give online retail a friendly face: that’s the Zalon model for success.