02 “From a Website
that Sells Fashion to
a Fashion Website”

We have a clear strategy: We want to enable our customers to build their own style through Zalando. So variety is definitely an important factor. We travel all over Europe and worldwide, evaluating what brands we are still missing in our assortment. But we still have a clear picture of which brands fit into our strategy, and we therefore make a qualified choice to provide our customers with a curated offer. Over time, we have become conscious risk-takers.

We actively communicate what we believe to be new trends to customers. And we have started buying differently – predicting trends rather than simply following them – even from brands we have been working with for a long time.

The perception of Zalando has changed. People are recognizing what Zalando is about: Fashionability. We have gone from being a website that sells fashion to being a fashion website. It might sound simple, but we’ve put a lot of work into this. And the strategy is paying off: 2016 was an excellent year for womenswear, for example.

We have launched big brands like Beyoncé’s Ivy Park or Tommy x Gigi, and we are performing well. It has definitely become easier to get new brands on board. Our local strategy plays into that, too. Continental Europe is still somewhat of a white spot on the map for many US- and UK-based fashion companies.

With Zalando, they get a partner that opens up Europe to them – without seeing it as an entity: We understand the nuances between the French and the Swedish market. We have become a preferred partner for many global brands. In the future, we want to bring collaboration to the next level and develop even more exclusive launches with brands.


Always looking for new brands to bring on board, while growing the existing ones we have on the platform!